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6 Mar

5 FAVE FEMME ARTISTS – making public art in London/ IWD 2020

It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday 8th March, and I’d like to show some love and appreciation to my five favourite female artists making public art in London, and impacting us with their visual messages.

Fandango Kid - Don't Fucking Interrupt MePhotograph: artist The Fandangoe Kid - from an art project by the artist, still in progress – on the topic of gender, female sexuality and identity.

Female artists are doing it for themselves today, without waiting for the invitation or approval of a traditionally male-dominated art establishment – they’re getting out on the streets and putting their messages out there for all to see.

As a female artist and curator myself, who has spent most of my art career bringing art to social spaces, there are five stand out female artists that are music to my ears/ paint to my eyes with their respective public and street art projects. Each artist does it in their own way but they all bring art to the people – out of the gallery environment and into public spaces,  all contributing to our London’s city-scape and impacting the public-viewer with their powerful and inspiring visual messages.

‘Modern art’ has some fantastic female artists including Georgia O’Keefe, Lee Krasner, Frida Kahlo, Hilma Af Klimt, Anni Albers, Leonora Carrington,  Pauline Boty (Pop Art queen who died too young) but a lot of them were only fully recognised and celebrated in retrospect. Post 1960′s female artists have had a bit more of a chance of full on fame during their living art careers, like British artists Barbabra Hepworth,  Tracey Emin, Phyllida Barlow (one of my faves) but I’d like to celebrate the ones that have stepped out of the art establishment and brought art to the people on our London streets (and beyond).

THE FANDANGOE KIDA1311FA1-CA60-4307-A937-0C45B65D5958

The Fandangoe Kid is a print artist who brings her powerful visual narratives to our London streets in paste-ups and large and vibrant typography murals that both tell her story, and shake up social narratives, replacing them with empowered, self-realising bold messages that make us all stop and get a lightning bolt of power as we read them. Annie Fandangoe experienced grave family loss and trauma in 2011, which she describes as derailing her for a number of years. Through her pain and sharing her story with others in her creative process, she has been able to work through the grief, embolden herself and offer others the opportunity to connect with their own pain, trauma, vulnerability with acceptance with radical softness x power. The Fandango Kid reminds us to ‘Get fucking bold’ as well as to ‘Smash the silence’ ‘Release the pain’ and hauntingly to ‘make your legacy golden’. A passionate mental health advocate, Annie is passionate not only in the messages she puts out in her public art pieces, but in running art workshops for young people on these very human subjects that affect them. Annie has collaborated on a range of visual narrative art projects, from Social and Mental Health Awareness organisations, to brand collaborations with Adidas, Ace Hotel, and has a limited edition clothing line which was featured in Vogue Italia. The Fandangoe Kid touches the space between art, expression, being with our feelings x smashing social narratives that need dismantling. Praise be this work! For more information on @thefandangoekid visit her website Annie-Fandangoe-Calm-Walk-Mural-Credit-Pete-Woodhead-16Calm Walk Mural by The Fandangoe Kid, Southbank (just under the Hayward Gallery) – created Dec 2019, London. Photograph by Pete Woodhead.


Camille_Walala_Wall_3-1Photograph: Camille Walala, ‘Dream Come True Building’ – her first full building piece, Old Street, E.London  2016.

Camille Walala, an E.London based French artist, is a long time favourite femme-fierce artist of mine. Mon dieu! Walala’s bold, vibrant and colourful style brings joy and positivity to anyone that lays eyes on one of her pieces. When we first met back in 2016, I loved Camille immediately and was captivated by her positivity, warmth and stregnth; Camille talked about her mission to make grey buildings colourful, which she has now done the world over in her iconic Tribal-pop style, a combination of geometric design and bold colour. Camille Walala began as her art career as a textile designer, graduating from Brighton University; today her projects and brand collaborations are extensive both in London and internationally, she has also done some important projects with schools, tribes and the homeless.  I have included some of my favourite London based projects by Camille Walala, and urge you to discover more of this amazing artist’s work on her website. Camille Walala is an inspiration to women and a joy bringer.

Camille_Walala3-785x475 (1)Photograph: Camille Walala’s ‘Better Bankside’ zebra crossing piece – Southbank, London 2017._DSC3344Photograph: Walala Lounge, an immersive outdoor living room – South Moulton Street – London, 2019.


thumbnail_Sofly - urban art - graffiti - paint jam -london (11)

Sophy Robson aka Sofly is a graffiti artist passionate about giving a voice to girls and women in the still male-dominated Street and art graffiti scene. Making her name as a pioneering nail artist to celebrities and major brands, she has had her own pop up nail bar and nail brand – a mash-up between street and chic. Around 2014 Sophy went more ‘street’ by beginning her graffiti career as a type graff artist on London streets. Her messages include  ‘girl power’ and  ‘you do you hun’ empowering girls and women. Sophy describes becoming a graffiti artist as a space for expression which gave her a new boost to her confidence, and wants to share that with other women and girls. In 2016 Sofly participated in the all women graffiti event ‘Femme Fierce’ at Leake St Tunnel Waterloo, organised the Grenfell Graff Jam in South London, 2018 paints regularly around London and the UK, and runs graffiti workshops with a range of groups – inc Paint Jam London. Sophy is also running the event ‘Girls Can’ event this Sunday 8th March for IWD 2020 – a mural painting event at Leake St Tunnel – Girls ‘Can’ being a play on words. Sign up and go along if you can! For more information on Sophy Robson’s Nail x Graffiti brand visit her website.

Sofly is a top lass that I’ve known for a few years now – I look forward to more graffiti collaborations with her.Sofly - Girl Power


Zabou - portrait of fellow Artist BK FoxxPhotograph: Zabou painting her fellow street artist BK Foxx - Shoreditch, London.

Zabou is a French Street artist based in London. With a mission to ‘make the world a colourful place, one wall at a time’ Zabou is one of London’s leading artists to bring the ‘realism’ style to the streets. Zabou’s large-scale street art pieces have become iconic on the London street-canvas – black and white painted faces, in realist detail, with vibrant colourful backgrounds. Using various themes, Zabou often finds inspiration in the places shes’s painting in. Zabou’s paintings are arresting, playful and beautiful – she’s painted iconic artists and personalities such as Frida Kahlo, Slavador Dali, Woopie Goldberg, Bill Murray, David Bowie and many more across London and also paints internationally. Zabou has also talked on TedX and regularly exhibits at the Saatchi gallery,West London. For more information on Zabou visit her website hereZabou - Whoopi - London UK - 2019

If you’re wondering how a street artist has the time to create a realism piece on the streets without getting caught, it’s because street art times have changed since the ‘vandal’ hit and run days of graffiti. Today street art is much more appreciated in London, and artists are often given available walls to paint – on the side of buildings, in yards and on shop shutters, making it a much more relaxing al-fresco painting experience for today’s street artist! There is still some hit and run street art activity – which a lot of street artists will tell you they still enjoy.

CHARLOTTE POSNERCharlotte posner portrait - Leicester sq graffiti project

Charlotte Posner is an inspiring woman and a true artist to the bone. We met in 2014 when I curated an exhibition of her large scale pop -rings ‘The Ring Series’ at Le Meridien -Piccadilly, London. From the start, I was struck with Charlotte’s passion for painting and art and her determination and positivity in reaching her dream to become a successful artist. Charlotte Posner’s magnetic energy and vision has today won her her dream, with a successful career as a studio & public artist and the owner of her own Charlotte Posner brand of illustrated products and homeware - she’s living the artist dream.  Charlotte has always created street art as part of her wide repertoir – and has come to be most famous for her POP DOLLS which adorn London in various ways – paste ups, street art murals, interiors and also on a wide range of products. I particularly loved her Leicester Square project in 2019, a series of Pop Doll graffiti benches. Although Charlotte can look way more glam, I wanted to capture her in flow on this exciting public art project (photo above) – I hope you understand Charlotte! For more info on this power house woman artist, visit her website.

charlotte posner - Leicester Square graffiti 2019Charlotte Posner Leicester square 2019Photograph: Charlotte Posner’s Leicester Square ‘Pop Doll’ bench project – 2019, London.

Here’s hoping you have a good International Women’s day 2020, full of colour and fun times with your favourite women.

Check out all the artists on their links above, or contact us at Paint Jam London on info@paintjamlondon.co.uk | 07956 889 634


28 Feb

MAMA’S PAINT JAM PARTY – London Mother’s day event 2020, Shoreditch

Frida fever returns to the Paint Jam London studio on Sunday 22nd March 2020, with MAMA’S PAINT JAM PARTY – our special Mother’s day event, themed on the iconic femme fierce and artist Frida Kahlo.

Mama's Paint Jam party - 22 March 2020 - Mothers Day (1)Come paint and party with your mama at Paint Jam London’s art workshop x party mash-up – complete with an artist-led  canvas painting workshop – Frida style x live DJ sets (eclectic & latin sounds) x drinks from the bar, as we bring our acclaimed pop up art studio to The Lighthouse, Shoreditch. Let’s face is, why would you give your mother a bunch of flowers on mothers day when she could wear them in her hair as you paint her? You might come along with friends and just paint your beloved mother Frida-style  – creating a floral power-house painting of your mother to keep. This event is for men and women! BOOK TICKETSMama's Paint Jam party - 22 March 2020 - Mothers Day (2)


Paint Jam night is a quirky night out in our pop-up art studio. A critically acclaimed and unique social painting workshop with a bar, a DJ spinning tunes and paints a-flowing . Everyone gets to paint on a canvas, get creative, mingle, then go home with an original art work. #paintandparty #artforeveryone


Theme: Frida Kahlo x Your mama – part mama as life-model (clothed), part Frida fantasy flowers.


You get: A canvas on easel | a fully artist-led painting workshop | All paints and art materials | Protective T-shirts | A DJ playing tunes | A lovely Shoreditch bar | Your painting on canvas – to keep! | Artist guidance throughout |A very special pop-up art studio environment.


Times: 2:30pm- 5:30pm


Location: The Lighthouse, Shoreditch

ART FOR EVERYONE – TOTAL BEGINNERS WELCOME | MEN & WOMEN WELCOME (though it sounds feminine with the mama & Frida theme!)



Mama's paint Jam event - paintparty - art workshops - painting london - march 22 2020  (4)

TOP TIP – as this is a day time event in Shoreditch (2:30pm – 5:30pm) you could head to Columbia Road flower market to buy some beautiful fresh flowers to adorn your mother’s head as you paint her. Columbia Road flower market (open 8am -3pm) is literally a 5 minute walk away from The Lighthouse, Shoreditch, the Paint Jam event venue.

We hope to see you at MAMAS’S PAINT JAM EVENT!

Paint Jam London runs monthly themed Paint Jam nights, as well as stand out Paint Jam corporate & team-building events and Paint Jam hen parties. Please contact us with any enquiries, we’d love to hear from you.

www.paintjamlondon.co.uk |07956 889 634| info@paintjamlondon.co.uk

5 Feb

PAINT JAM FAM DAY – a team building & education morning event @ Cargo, Shoreditch | Wed 11th March 2020

header - Paint Jam fam day - press & team building - 11th March 2020Our Paint Jam London’s 2020 FAM DAY event is an immersive morning paint party for press and organisational professionals to get to know us, by sampling the painting workshop x party event concept we’ve come to be famous for. Guests can also enjoy mini guided street art walks in the Cargo club courtyard…REGISTER NOW

Paint Jam London events happen in our pop up art studio – a critically acclaimed social painting space where art education meets partying. Enjoy an artist-led painting workshop to a modern art theme, as our DJ spins tunes. Drinks & food are available at our pop up bar. Paint individual canvases at your easels, or choose our Communal Canvas workshop where you collaborate on large canvases or murals in groups – our fab Paint Jam artist team are on hand to help throughout. In venues across London, or at your office.

Pioneers in social painting, Paint Jam London create a range of events including our PUBLIC PAINT JAM EVENTS PROGRAMME, PAINT JAM TEAM BUILDING EVENTS , CORPORATE PARTIES  and EDUCATION WORKSHOPS.

We’re passionate about making ART FOR EVERYONE – total beginners are welcome at all Paint Jam London events. 

That’s the PAINT & PARTY events, or you may want to go for one of our CREATE & CHILL painting workshops, a guided Street-art walk, or SKETCH ON – a gallery based workshop. You’ll get to experience all options on the day!

This particular event is STRICTLY for press, corporate/organisation or education professional attendees only. If you fit this description and would like to attend please RESERVE YOUR PLACE HERE We would love to see the rest of you at one of our public/ monthly Paint Jam events.

Paint Jam Christmas parties


Our celebrated Paint Jam events are mainly immersive painting workshops in our pop up art studio #paintandparty, though we also offer simpler painting workshops under our #createandchill options. We run a sell-out monthly public Paint Jam events programme, plus Paint Jam team building events & corporate parties for some of the world’s largest companies and organisations – including Amazon Audible, Microsoft,Sky, BBC, TK Maxx, Bank of America, Bane Capital, 3 Mobile, EE, Canary Wharf Events, Adidas, Nike, Shiseido, Nars, Juicy Couture, Google, Kraft-Heinz, UAL, Imperial College and LSE.


Paint Jam London was founded in 2009 by myself Dalia Zermon, a London artist, educator & curator (of events & exhibitions). Passionate about the process of experimental painting, I wanted to break boundaries around who is ‘an artist’ and share the experience of art-making with everyone. As a lover of music, parties and alternative spaces, I had a vision to make an art studio a social space in which everyone could enjoy painting together, whilst listening to DJ music and having a drink – the usual parts of a social night out. This space has become known as Paint Jam London’s ‘pop up art studio’ – which we create in venues across London for our now renowned painting and party events.

We are as passionate about the art education side of the workshop as we are about the paint party side – every Paint Jam event is playful and fun, but also led by one of our passionate artists who will also inspire you to learn painting to a given Modern  art movement. We are entirely run by London artists and DJ’s, and are strong supporters of fair pay for artists, recycling & the environment, and passionate in our belief that art is good for you…

Painting feels like a primal expression – as soon as people pick up a paint brush they have a vehicle to speak in their own visual language, to have fun, feel relaxed and focused and to create a unique painting to keep. The cathartic experience of art promotes well being, and makes everyone smile #artforeveryone .

Paint Jam London was partly inspired by a painting workshop by Fig 108 that used to happen at Westbourne studios - a club on Acklam Road, Portobello W11. We took the art workshop component and added the party vibes with live DJ sets and a pop-up bar, as well as the pop up element – creating Paint Jam events in secret residency spaces, clubs and unexpected spaces around London. We are now in our 11th year, and have painted with tens of thousands of people in the Paint Jam studio.

@paintjamlondon #artforeveryone #paintandparty #artisgoodforyou

If you’d like to get in touch about a Paint Jam events or request our pack, we’d love to hear from you.

info@paintjamlondon.co.uk   07956 889 634  www.paintjamlondon.co.uk

17 Jan

Paint Jam: GEOMETRIC LOVE – Valentines event – Friday 14th Feb 2020

Paint Jam London’s annual Valentines event, where love is celebrated via painting canvases and partying to our DJ’s tunes. This year we’re going all GEOMETRIC for love, @theLighthouse, Shoreditch

Paint Jam Geometric Love - art workshop - london Valentines event - February 14th 2020


Geometric Love - Paint Jam events - Valentines art workshops London - paint party - paint night - art london  ( (5)
As per Paint Jam London’s Valentines tradition, we’re celebrating an artist couple from the Modern Art world. This year we bring you the shapely love of Bauhaus couple extraordinaire ANNI & JOSEF ALBERS – a geometric wet dream.

large - Geometric Love - Valentines event -Paint Jam events London - art workshops - paint party - paint night -

PAINT AND PARTY – here’s the Paint Jam event low down: you will be welcomed into our pop up art-studio come party-space for an iconic immersive painting party, this time at The Lighthouse, Shoreditch. Complete with an artist-hosted geometric painting workshop, a live DJ spinning tunes, themed projections and a bar with drinks to maintain the love vibes. You will have the choice of painting your own or a couples canvas together, which you get to keep. Our fab Paint Jam artist team are on hand to help throughout.

ART FOR EVERYONE – total beginners welcome! Paint Jam London’s mission is to bring the painting experience to everyone, so we pitch the painting workshop to all levels. SINGLE-SUPERSTARS, FRIENDS & COUPLES WELCOME AT THIS EVENT






For private and corporate parties or team building Paint Jam events, please contact us on info@paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634


29 Nov

2020 Paint Jam events programme – in our pop up art studio | Shoreditch

Our 2020 Paint Jam events programme is up and out there for your painting and partying pleasure – @ The Lighthouse, Shoreditch.

We’re opening the Paint Jam year with a NEON ART RAVE, back by public demand.2020 PUBLIC EVENTS CAMPAIGN - sLIDE 1

Our critically acclaimed immersive Paint Jam events happen in our pop up art studio – a vibey social painting-workshop n party mashup. Paint Jam events are artist-lead with live DJ sets, art projections and a a pop up bar – all set to the painting theme of the night. Get creative on canvas, move to the DJ’s tunes, mingle, and go home with an original art work. #paintandparty

ART FOR EVERYONE – total beginners welcome. All ages welcome (18+) Paint Jam events happen in secret spaces and venues across London. In 2020 we’re partnering with our faves The Lighthouse and Cargo, Shoreditch.

2020 Paint Jam events programme:



web Neon Art Rave - Paint jam events - art workshops london - January  18 2019



Paint Jam Geometric Love - art workshop - london Valentines event - February 14th 2020


Paint Jam event - mothers day events london - Frida Kahlo - Sunday 22nd March 2020


Paint Jam event - pop art workshop - art workshops london - 25th April 2020


Paint Jam Splatter and abstract event - art workshops london - 23rd May 2020


In celebration of the Royal Academy Summer exhibition and all the Impressionism in London this Summer!

Paint Jam Salon - impressionism event - art workshops london - Sun 28th June 2020

Paint Jam events are an immersive painting experience for everyone, in a party atmosphere – with an artist-lead painting workshops, a DJ spinning tunes and a pop up bar. Come to a Paint Jam event on your own, with friends or on an arty date night. Special party tickets available for birthdays & hens, and do try to grab yourself an early bird ticket…




Contact us for private parties and events, inc Paint Jam team building & corporate events and Paint Jam hen & birthday parties on info@paintjamlondon.co.uk or call us on 07956 889 634

16 Oct

Paint Jam Sessions – NEW art workshops x music, lazy afternoon sessions…

Create and Chill at one of our new lazy afternoon Paint Jam Sessions…

Still an art meets music vibe, with themed painting on canvas + drinks at the pop up bar, but more chilled and relaxing than our acclaimed Paint Jam parties!

Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (1)Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (2)Enjoy a 2 hour themed art workshop with a Paint Jam artist leader in a lazy art studio-lounge atmosphere. Learn the techniques in the given art movement, as you have a drink and listen to the music, then take your painting on canvas home to keep. Events happen in secret London locations, from the Paint Jam art studio, to bars and clubs. Upcoming monthly events listen below…

Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (3)Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music - Abstract and splatter - 26 October 2019Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music - illusions - bridget riley inspired - 23 Nov 2019Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (6)Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (7)Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (8)Paint Jam sessions - London art workshops with music (9)Our December Paint Jam Christmas party can be booked for work Christmas parties or as a meet up with friends – we’ll reserve you an area in the Xmas pop up art-studio. All Paint Jam London workshops can be booked for corporate and team building events, hen Paint Jam parties and birthday parties. We look forward to hearing from you!

www.paintjamlondon.co.uk         07956 889 634            info@paintjamlondon.co.uk


24 Jul

PAINT JAM TROPICAL VIBES – special Carnival event: Sun 25 Aug 2019

Paint Jam Tropical is back, on Sunday 25th August 2019 – the best Notting Hill Carnival after-party in town.

Come paint and party with us to our DJ’s Tropical Beats & Carnival sets at a secret Pop Up art studio event. Get a canvas-on-easel each, a Tropical painting workshop with our artist hosts, and drinks from our Cocktail bar with Urban Cordial. Soak up the Soca, Reggae, Latin and sweet Carnival vibes as you paint the night away – Tropical style. Indoor + alfresco partying space.



Paint Jam Tropical - blog - flyer front - painting party - Saunday 25th July 2019

Paint Jam Tropical is happening in a secret Carnival location – so come straight from the streets of Carnival for this painting after- party, or if you haven’t been come straight to us! The location will be revealed 48 hours before the event.

In collaboration with K2K Radio, Tropical Beats, Urban Cordial and Saucy Soca.

Paint Jam Tropical - blog - flyer back - painting party - Saunday 25th July 2019

Paint Jam Night is a monthly quirky event in our pop up art studio. A unique social painting workshop, with a DJ spinning tunes, and paints a-flowing + on site bar. Critically acclaimed by all London press, every month’s Paint Jam event has a different Modern Art theme.  # LONDON’S ORIGINAL PAINTING PARTY






For Private, Hen or Corporate Paint Jam events please see our website or give us a call – we’re always happy to chat painting and parties with you 07956 889 634  info@paintjamlondon.co.uk  www.paintjamlondon.co.uk

19 Jun


Join us for PAINT JAM DISCO, our Paint Jam Night of the month, and our 10th birthday party! Paint and party with us to the disco sound as our DJ plays hot tunes, you paint your canvas, and get your drinks at the pop up bar – SATURDAY 22ND JUNE 2019 BOOK TICKETS HERE


We have loved this arty – painting journey of the last decade, and most of all keeping up our mission of bringing ART TO EVERYONE – Londoners and visitors alike. PAINT JAM FOR EVA! Thank you to all our artists, Paint Jammers, press and supporters. Now lets all party!

01 Paint Jam Disco - Paint night london - art workshops - 22 june 2019 (5)

Paint Jam Disco - Paint night london - art workshops - 22 june 2019 (3)Paint Jam Disco - Paint night london - art workshops - 22 june 2019 (1)Paint Jam Disco - Paint night london - art workshops - 22 june 2019 (2)Paint Jam Disco - Paint night london - art workshops - 22 june 2019 (4)

 BOOK HERE or see our monthly Paint Jam events programme. For private and corporate events please contact us info@paintjamlondon.co.uk  07956 889 634  www.paintjamlondon.co.uk

4 Jun


Paint and party with your team or clients this summer at a Paint Jam London event.  ART FOR EVERYONE – total beginners welcome.

Paint Jam corporate email - art workshops - Summer 2019 (v2)

Choose one of our famous immersive painting workshops, with live DJs and a pop up bar – all to a Modern Art theme of your choice. Paint Jam immersive events happen n spaces across London, and beyond (bars, clubs, secret spaces and arts spaces). OR create and chill with a Paint Jam session at your office, or get OUT & ABOUT in London with one of our Street art walks and  NEW Sketch On workshops. AS WE’RE CELEBRATING OUR 10TH BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH, WE’RE OFFERING OUR CLIENTS 10% OF ALL BOOKINGS MADE BY THE 30TH JUNE 2019! SEE OUR PACK FOR OPTIONS & PRICES

Paint Jam corporate events - art workshops - summer 2019 (3)

IMMERSIVE Paint Jam events happen in our unique pop-up art studio. Paint Jam is a social painting workshop with a party-feel – hosted by our London artists + a live DJ spinning tunes + a pop up bar. Enjoy painting a canvas at your easel with an abundance of art materials and good vibes. Paint Jam events are fresh and inspiring and make a great alternative Corporate event that is slick, with a quirky twist. We believe in ART FOR EVERYONE and offer a creative and fun platform where all can enjoy making art.

 Paint Jam’s social painting experience will blow you away. Our dynamic and creative approach to team building and development reveals the power of visual expression – for the individual and the team. All our Corporate events are bespoke, so we can design the perfect Paint Jam event for you.pAINT jAM - CREATE AND CHILL

Paint Jam sessions are short themed art workshops on canvas – brought to your office or venue. Designed for a quick and relaxing art session – perfect as a lunch-time or after-work session, for your team, or for the whole office building to enjoy. Try a DROP-IN ART STUDIO set up or a Simple TABLE TOP set up.PAINT JAM CORPORATE CAMPAIGN - BLOG AND MAILCHIMP

If you’d like to enjoy summer London and get out and about, our NEW SKETCH ON workshops are the perfect chance to visit a London gallery and enjoy an artist-lead sketching workshop in one. Learn about a gallery, the building’s architecture as well as modern art movements and exhibitions, as you explore sketching with your artist-guide. Our Street Art Walks offer the chance to view hot new street art pieces on the streets of East London, with our passionate and knowledgeable street art guides (can be combined with SKETCH ON workshop).pAINT jAM SUMMER EVENTS - ART WORKSHOPS LONDON 2019pAINT jAM lONDON LOGO


We’d love to create a Paint Jam event for you this Summer! If you’d like more info please see our pack here and email Alex on info@paintjamlondon.co.uk . If you’d prefer us to give us a call, we’re always happy to communicate the old fashioned way on 07956 889 634…

Don’t forget to claim your 10% birthday discount by the 30th June 2019 (available on all Corporate workshop event dates before the 31st December 2019).


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