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11 Jul

Frida fever, Paint Jam style – special event on Saturday 28th July

Frida in the morning! and Frida all through the night…

Paint Jam's Frida Fiesta

Come paint and party with us at Paint Jam London’s special summer event – PAINT JAM’S FRIDA FIESTA, Saturday 28th July – in a secret (partly alfresco) location…

Frida Kahlo- Paint Jam event - art workshops - London events - painting and wine - 28th July 2018 (2)
We love Frida, and so do you. We are delighted to be celebrating the colourful queen of passion and creativity, the powerhouse woman who painted her reality (not dreams), and the artist that has inspired generations of makers, shakers and creative-arties – as well as the everyman.

Frida web 2 - Paint Jam event - 28th July 2018Frida Kahlo- Paint Jam event - art workshops - London events - painting and wine - 28th July 2018 (1)

Be sure to also catch the London highlight Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum - Making Her Self Up - an unmissable look at Frida’s clothing, fashion and influences.

These are some scenes of fun and paintings from our previous Paint Jam FRIDA event earlier in the year! Frida Kahlo- Paint Jam event - art workshops - London events - painting and wine - 28th July 2018 (4)Come party like Frida!

Find out more or BUY TICKETS

Paint Jam Frida Fiesta - Paint Jam - art workshop - Frida Kahlo - London events - 28th July 2018 (9)



www.paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634




30 May

Paint Jam London events – at Hammermith Arts Festival 2018

Hammersmith arts fest - Cosmic Mos - Dalia Zermon - Paint Jam London

Paint Jam London are delighted to be part of Hammermith Arts Fest 2018, except we’re chopping it all up, doing it differently to usual, and handing the platform over to our artist founder & curator Dalia Zermon, with a set of immersive live paints and experiences dotted throughout the arts festival, 2nd – 10th June 2018.


COSMIC MOS – a live spray paint & multi-sensory art exhibition by Dalia Zermon.

The Blue Room, Riverside Building, Hammersmith W6 9WA

Watch Dalia spray paint a mural, creating a cosmic-scape of subtle abstract marks, in a multi-sensory space with sound, essential oil scents, and evolving lights. An exhibition of the artists Cosmic Mos paintings will hang within the space – created in response to a soundscape album ‘Multimos’ created by her twin sister and music artist Bunty aka Kassia Zermon.

Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd June – for the live bit! / Fri 1st June – private view/ Hammermith Arts Fest opening party BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE

Mon 4th – Sun 10th June – Cosmic Mos immersive exhibition and mural (no live paint)

Dalia Zermon - Hammersmith arts fest 2018 - Cosmic Mos  - live painting - Paint Jam London


Riverside Building, Hammersmith W6 9WA

A Paint Jam studio installation showcasing art works by everyone! All created by London ‘non-artist’ workshop attendees. Walk through the large pop up art studio and take in the art works made in all genres of Modern art, as music plays. Journey through Impressionism, abstract expressionism, pop art, surrealism, Bauhaus, graffiti and more. Curated by Paint Jam London’s founder Dalia Zermon.

Sat 2nd – Sun 10rd June / Fri 1st June – private view/ Hammermith Arts Fest opening party with studio DJ music  (except Wed 6th June)

Hammersmith arts fest 2018 - pop up art studio - Paint Jam studio installation - Dalia Zermon - Paint Jam London


The Big Red Bus, stationed at: Bishops Park, Fulham SW6 6EA

Artist Dalia Zermon will live paint al fresco, in bold geometric style. A small art exhibition will  be on show on the red bus itself!

Thurs 7th June, 1pm – 4pm

Arts Fest Bus -  Paint Jam London - Dalia Zermon - Hammersmith Arts Fest 02

We hope you can make one or more of these exciting Paint Jam events.

Paint Jam logo - art work background


www.paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634 info@paintjamlondon.co.uk

2 Mar



Secret Soho space - Paint Jam London - Pop up art studio - art workshops londonSECRET SOHO SPACE

The secret location address will be emailed to all guests with tickets to our Paint Jam events,48 hours before your event. All private bookings will receive the full address on booking.


www.paintjamlondon.co.uk  info@paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634

1 Mar

FUTURE IMAGE – an art exhibition featuring Eugene Ankomah’s BRAINWAVE SERIES

FUTURE IMAGE is an exciting art exhibition showcasing Eugene Ankomah’s powerful ‘Brainwave series’, co-curated by Paint Jam London. A digitally created series of art, the Brainwave series questions the digitally ‘heightened’ versions of reality in our contemporary culture and the estrangement from realness that can come from digital attempts at perfection. But does this enhancement erode freedom? Does this decrease our human nature and experiences?

17th – 19th March 2018  -  private view: Thurs 17th March, 6.30pm – 9.30pmREGISTER HERE – PRIVATE VIEW

at the Secret Soho Space, 48 Poland Street, London W1F 7ND

The Story of Why - Brainwave series - Eugene AnkomahDigital Green - Brainwave Series - Eugene AnkomahSelf portrait - brainwave series - Eugene Ankomah


Eugene Ankomah is an award winning London based artist, with a body of art that ranges from traditional-experimental 2D formats, to sculptural and performance art. He is internationally recognised for his innovative and unpredictable styles of art – in particular his ever changing ‘’Art Persona’s”.

Voted by the British public as BBEA best creative artist of 2017. Foreigners in UK magazine said ‘ Voted as best Creative artist at the black British Entertainment Awards (BBEA) 2017, there is no surprise that this leading performer and creator is the name on everyone’s lips within the art community’.



‘In our increasingly digitalized world, we are often led to believe the manipulations and alterations offered by that world, is somehow the more pleasant alternative to reality. We are constantly fed a false reality that pretends to be perfect, with everything intact, nothing out of place. Furthermore, this threatens what we have naturally – be it our emotions, our ideas or the belief in our own abilities to create things that pertain to our nature – our unique ways of being’’. Eugene Ankomah

The Brainwave series is created with a mix of digital-automatic drawing and digital collaging – with downloaded brain scan images at the centre. Through digital layering and experimental digital brush strokes, Eugene manages to create a sense of real, authentic, spontaneous and unplanned expressions. Cleverly using the very digital format he is questioning as restrictive, Eugene brings back an energy of freedom that returns us to raw, imperfect nature.

The brain scans themselves, taken from the context of their human ‘life’ and put in an image, also have a greater freedom. To the non-medical eye all brains are equal – no race, skin colour, gender or aesthetics are discernible – giving them a freedom beyond that which they could reach in their embodied life in society.

At first glance the Brainwave series art works look like free, abstract expressionist paintings – with the rich colour, brush strokes and depth we know of oil paintings, but as you approach, where you’d expect impasto textures, you’re met with a completely flat digitally produced surface – juxtaposing old and new imaging, creating a FUTURE IMAGE.


This exhibition is co-curated by Dalia Zermon and Paint Jam Lonodon in partnership with the artist Eugene Ankomah.

Exhibition dates: 17th – 19th March 2018     

Exhibition Private view: Sat 17th Mar, 6.30pm – 9.30pm. Pls register here. 

Location: Secret Soho Space – 48 Poland Street, London W1F 7ND


Visit Eugene Ankomah’s website

Contact: www.paintjamlondon.co.uk 

info@paintjamlondon.co.uk  07956 889 634

Paint Jam logo - art work backgroundFB_IMG_1519727556514 (2)


24 Jan

PRINT JAM IS HERE – social printmaking + DJ music + a pop up bar

When is a Paint Jam not a Paint Jam? When it’s a


We are excited to announce our special PRINT JAM NIGHT event, a social printmaking event with all the usual frills of our immersive monthly Paint Jam Night event  – live DJ, pop up bar, paint, but with PRINTMAKING  instead of brush painting! Take all your printed wonders home with you of course…

Current 2018 Print Jam Night dates are: Sat 24th Feb &  Sat 15th Dec for our XMAS SPECIAL

Slide 3 facebook ad  Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (12)Have a look at some of the other Printmaking Paint Jam events we’ve run. Many of these photos are from a special printmaking event we did for SKY and Brothers & Sisters on a boat running along the Thames. Public Paint Jam boat party to come (what have I promised there)…

Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (10)Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (12)Print Jam workshop - art workshops - Paint Jam London (2)

Print Jam workshop - art workshops - Paint Jam London (3)Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (11)Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (9)

Print Jam workshop - art workshops London - paint and party events  Paint Jam London (9)

Print Jam workshop - art workshops - Paint Jam London (1)

Paint Jam logo - art work backgroundRemember you can book now for upcoming  PRINT JAM NIGHTS on Sat 24th Feb &  Sat 15th Dec for our XMAS SPECIAL. If you’re organising a team building event, work social or creative marketing campaign just give us a shout – we’d love to hear from you.

info@paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634 www.paintjamlondon.co.uk


19 Jan

Eugene Ankomah does Basquiat – with Paint Jam London


Eugene Ankomah – emerging London artist and

guest Paint Jam artist of the month, talks to us

about Basquiat, naive art and creativity…

Eugene profile pic

It’s not every day that you get an artist who shares such strong resonance with another. We spoke to London based artist Eugene Ankomah about naive art-making, art and politics, the outsider voice and the creative process. Eugene tells us what he sees in the energy and message of Basquiat’s work, and shares his own process and current body of work, revealing a strong overlap between the two artists.

We are also excited to have Eugene Ankomah run our Basquiat themed Paint Jam event  at the end of the month (28th Jan 2018), in celebration of Basquiat the artist of course, but also marking the end of the exhibition ‘Basquiat: Boom for Real’ exhibition at the Barbican – an intense and stirring show!

What’s your take on Basquiat’s work Eugene, and how does it resonate with your own?

‘Basquiat’s work shows a brave energy and makes powerful social and political statements, and I love his use of bright colour. The boldness in his art shows a lack of worry in what came out as he was creating – he accepted that whatever came up, it was all his language – in a sense his work shouts ‘this is all me’. When you think of art work about social injustice you normally think of dark colours, but Basquiat still uses a lot of bright colours…it’s almost as if he uses the colour to draw your attention, and than takes you to the darker symbolism and meaning once you’re in.

The approach I use in my art process is  ‘creativity without limitations’ – all is welcome in my work. Over the years I have worked in a whole range of art styles but at a certain point I returned to the naive. The thing that got me back into naive mark making was visiting a friend’s nursery and seeing the scribbles and ‘attempts’ I thought, ‘damn this is beautiful’ – the kids art works around the space looked like the work of an abstract, professional artist but without the mature content. I went back to the studio and decided to go back to basics, and reintegrate this energy into my own art work; I saw it as throwing myself off the cliff artistically and seeing what happens – I found it a free and refreshing way of working, which releases the fear and frees up creativity completely. That’s where interesting things happen, and where true meaning can flow. That’s why we love the work of kids, because it never loses that thing

Of course there’s the African influence too which we both share in our work – the colours, the mark making and  a certain rawness’.

Tell us about your current series of work – the Brainwave series

‘The brainwave series has a naive energy – I used a spontaneous approach with rougher lines, scratches and drips, letting it come through me in a way’

The Story of the Ghetto Boy who would become a King - Eugene Ankomah - Brainwave seriesBorn on the First - Brainwave series - Eugene AnkomahDigital Green - Brainwave Series - Eugene Ankomah

         The Ghetto Boy who would          Born on the First          Digital Green

          become a King

‘It began with me being transfixed by digital images of brain scans, an image that represents the skull or the head in a digital way. Technology essentially has a way of stripping back the outer body, and showing the brain and the skull alone – leaving no knowledge of the gender or race of the person, and in that way making them free. Free of social or racial prejudices that are experienced with a body in the world.

The process I used was to google brain scans, where I could only see the skull and brain, and did not see the person’s outer body or appearance. I would then work on top of them, which I saw as a digital collaging. I was also re-imagining the idea of collage to myself. I was also fascinated by the way the medical profession file brain scans – hospitals always file brain scans in a private folder that is never named, and always remains anonymous and private.

I have also worked with technology to manipulate what are digital images into looking like a naive painting that’s just dried. I deliberately created digital brush strokes that look naive and primitive, and enjoyed the trickery – as a commentary on our enormous immersion in technology in the modern era. Are we ever really looking at things and  people as they are in the digital world? We always need to return to the basics, as that’s what makes us really human’.

Wimbledon editionThe Story of Why - Brainwave series - Eugene AnkomahSelf portrait - brainwave series - Eugene Ankomah

    Wimbledon Edition                The Story of Why                  Self Portrait


We can’t wait to have Eugene Ankomah host our Paint Jam Basquiat event on Sun 28th Jan 2018!

If you’d like to see more of Eugene Ankomah’s art works you can visit his website www.eugeneankomah.com





31 Dec


Choose from themed PAINT JAM NIGHTS, ARTY TEA PARTIES, and our new PRINT JAM printmaking event in the pop up art studio. We bring you POP UP SKETCHING for an outdoor art experience, and watch out for our special events too…






sound and vision book tickets


Sunday 28th January/afternoon  - PAINT JAM BASQUIAT EVENT  (WORKSHOP/PARTY)

Paint Jam Night - Basquiat - art workshops - london - 28th Jan 2018





Wednesday 14th January  - PAINT JAM NIGHT: FRIDA & DIEGO – Valentines special  (WORKSHOP/PARTY)

Paint Jam Night - Frida and Diego - Valentines special - art workshops - london - 28th Jan 2018


Print jam night - printmaking-workshop- art workshops-london-24th-February-2018





paintjamnight-picasso-artworkshops-london-24th-March 2018





Sunday 8th April      ARTY TEA PARTY: SURREALISM (WORKSHOP/PARTY/AFTERNOON TEA) artyteaparty-artworkshops-london-8thapril2018













Saturday 30th June    PAINT JAM NIGHT: SPLATTER (WORKSHOP/PARTY) paintjamnight-splatter-jacksonpollock-artworkshops-london-30th-June-2018


Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 12.01.00




6 Aug

PAINT JAM NIGHT: TROPICAL – a Carnival extravaganza! Sat 26th August 2017. IN A SECRET SPACE.




Notting Hill Carnival extravaganza! PAINTING, LIVE DJ ‘TROPICAL BEATS’, DANCING & DRINKS – in a tropical themed secret space (W.London)

carnival flyerKarl dj slidecARNIVAL - FEELING HOT HOT HOTcarnival - secret spacecarnival 26th augustTropical beats slide




SEE OUR OTHER MONTHLY PAINT JAM NIGHT EVENTS HERE or our Corporate events & hen party Paint Jam events.

www.paintjamlondon.co.uk 07956 889 634 info@paintjamlondon.co.uk

4 Jul

PAST EVENTS – Paint Jam London

August 2017


Saturday 26th July

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: PAINT JAM NIGHT *TROPICAL* - A social painting event  in a pop-up art studio + DJ & Prosecco. At a Secret Holborn space. (WORKSHOP/PARTY) READ MORE



July 2017 

Tuesday 11th JulyJ

LET’S TALK ABOUT ART *POP ART* - An interactive art talk with Paint Jam London founder Dalia Zermon.




Saturday 15th JulyWP_20150325_13_04_38_Smart-300x224

PAINT JAM NIGHT *POP ART*A social painting event  in a pop-up art studio + DJ & Prosecco. At a Secret Holborn space.




739e2e_3b5a581ae9cf4ef784c3c155047b97e6 Thursday 27th July

PAINT JAM NIGHT *GRAFFITI* - A graffiti spray painting workshop with street artist ARTISTA - in a pop-up art studio + DJ & prosecco. At a Secret Holborn Space.


June 2017

 Wednesday 14th – TALK

Rene Magritte 3LET’S TALK ABOUT ART: ‘SURREALISM’ - an interactive art talk with Paint Jam London founder Dalia Zermon. READ MORE


739e2e_3b5a581ae9cf4ef784c3c155047b97e6Saturday 24th June – WORKSHOP/PARTY

PAINT JAM NIGHT *GRAFFITI* - A graffiti spray painting workshop with street artist ARTISTA - in a pop-up art studio + DJ & prosecco. (secret SOHO space) READ MORE




19 Apr

PAINTING THEMES – at Paint Jam London events

Every Paint Jam event is themed to a painting style. Try ABSTRACT, POP ART, SURREAL, BAUHAUS, POLLOCK’S SPLATTER, STREET ART & GRAFFITI, LIFE PAINTING (with a model), IMPRESSIONISM or our new SOUNDSCAPES – PAINT THE MUSIC theme!

Newsletter optionPaint Jam Bauhaus event. Social painting art workshop  - March 2017 (25)

We can also help you choose a bespoke theme for your event. Paint London, Love, or focus on your brand concept or team values…

POP ART – be inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Keith Harring and others – then paint your own! See a full ‘Pop Art’ Paint Jam event

J4228cb3b2757c5be5c4695944e9a7612WP_20150325_13_04_38_SmartIMG_93503287-024[no title] 1967 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987keith-haring-heart

STREET ART & GRAFFITI – be inspired by Banksy, Jimmy C, Ben Eine, Artista, DanK, Anatomix & others – then spray paint your own! Hosted by a street artist.

IMG_245548.Bowie wall longshotWP_20160416_048WP_20160416_04720160525_204626image6image4

LIFE PAINTING - be inspired by the human form (with a nude life model or one in fancy dress). There are too many artists to mention here!

Mesmorising Painting at Halloween SK Life Model Paint Jam 2014Paint Jam's Pool Salon  (15)IMG_2050Life Drawing at at Halloween SK Life Model Paint Jam 2014


ABSTRACT – be inspired by a mix of different abstract artist’s paintings inc Pollock, Kandinsky, Miro, Gorky, Matisse, Rothko and others – then paint your own!

Arshile Gorky - Jard_n de SochiJoan Miro - Bleu ii - 1961Ace Hotel Classic Paint Jam workshop (4)Ace Hotel Classic Paint Jam workshop (12)Kandinsky black and violet, 1923Kandinsky - composition IV - 1911

BAUHAUS – a geometric abstract style. Be inspired by Paul Klee, Joseph & Annie Albers, Kandinsky, Walter Gropius and Laszlo Maholy-Nagy – then paint your own! See a full ‘Bauhaus’ Paint Jam event

Laszlo Moholy-NagyPaul Klee 7Specific ObjectPaint Jam Bauhaus event. Social painting art workshop  - March 2017 (39)Newsletter option Paint Jam Bauhaus event. Social painting art workshop  - March 2017 (1)Josef AlbersWalter Gropius 1

POLLOCK’S SPLATTER – the abstract expressionist style of Jackson Pollock – then splatter your own!

Jackson Pollock 2Jackson Pollock100splatter-paintings-pollock-style

NEW! SOUNDSCAPES – PAINT THE MUSIC. Let sound and music inspire your mark making and painting (a relaxing workshop theme).

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London , UK 08 Mar 2017.Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London , UK 08 Mar 2017.Paint Jam London photos - art workshops at the Affordable art Fair March 2017 (60)Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London , UK 08 Mar 2017.

 Would you like help choosing your painting theme? We’re happy to talk to you. You can also mix and match a painting style with a bespoke concept – be that for a hen party, or a corporate brand or team building event.

Contact us on 07956 889 634 or at info@paintjamlondon.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you!



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