Community Workshops


We run our workshops with a variety of community groups, using art as an effective vehicle for self- expression, communication and play.

Our sessions are nourishing and enriching for individuals and groups, often leading to important shifts or clarity in thoughts and feelings.

The process gives individuals a sense of confidence and purpose by giving them the opportunity to discover new creative skills and produce their own art works.

The benefits we see are very powerful for all. We work with an ever growing community base including children, special needs clients, the homeless, teenagers and the elderly.

Paint Jam London facilitates Corporate Social Responsibility. Our community workshops are mostly free and funded by our corporate clients.

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Please contact us if you would like Paint Jam London to work with your organisation.

Some organisations we have collaborated with…

Christian Aid St Mungos Platform 2
Westminster Artisans Kids co logo_a


Dalia Zermon will be there to inspire and encourage. All materials are provided.

To find out more, call Dalia Zermon on 07956889634

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