Creative free-flow in art

Creative free- flow begins with a moment of ignition that kicks in when an artist is creating. It is the space where an artist has entered in, feels connected and  fully emmersed in the process; it’s an immaculate attention that is a meditation, like the level you can reach when meditating cross-legged and with your eyes closed - in this space the creativity and the given artistic idea breathes you, coming through you asthough you are a vessel.

It is a space of flow and perfection – this space is where I feel myself and at peace creating. I observe what comes through me and feel pure and true. These feelings transcend the content of the art work – dark subjects, death or lightness and beauty – the pure process of creative free flow is common to any art work and artist creating it.

This  is a space of beauty and is a process I have always seeked to share with others in my workshops; In fact, that space is what I facilitate in people and is my focus over and above the quality of the art they produce. As many people have limiting beliefs about their artistic abilities, I use exercises that bypass self-judgements by getting people to play and experiment with materials; I also use guided meditations in some of my workshops, to help people relax into it.

As much as learning techniques can be very useful in art, I find creative free-flow a much more important way into art – one that celebrates the feeling of the process and gets people feeling comfortable developing their art. The results I see are wonderful – people really letting out their inner artist! And so many continue to make art beyond my sessions.

What is incredible is when I work with some individuals who might have social challenges but, happen to have no inhibitions and dive right in…

creative free-flow is the place to be!

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