FUTURE IMAGE – an art exhibition featuring Eugene Ankomah’s BRAINWAVE SERIES

FUTURE IMAGE is an exciting art exhibition showcasing Eugene Ankomah’s powerful ‘Brainwave series’, co-curated by Paint Jam London. A digitally created series of art, the Brainwave series questions the digitally ‘heightened’ versions of reality in our contemporary culture and the estrangement from realness that can come from digital attempts at perfection. But does this enhancement erode freedom? Does this decrease our human nature and experiences?

17th – 19th March 2018  -  private view: Thurs 17th March, 6.30pm – 9.30pmREGISTER HERE – PRIVATE VIEW

at the Secret Soho Space, 48 Poland Street, London W1F 7ND

The Story of Why - Brainwave series - Eugene AnkomahDigital Green - Brainwave Series - Eugene AnkomahSelf portrait - brainwave series - Eugene Ankomah


Eugene Ankomah is an award winning London based artist, with a body of art that ranges from traditional-experimental 2D formats, to sculptural and performance art. He is internationally recognised for his innovative and unpredictable styles of art – in particular his ever changing ‘’Art Persona’s”.

Voted by the British public as BBEA best creative artist of 2017. Foreigners in UK magazine said ‘ Voted as best Creative artist at the black British Entertainment Awards (BBEA) 2017, there is no surprise that this leading performer and creator is the name on everyone’s lips within the art community’.



‘In our increasingly digitalized world, we are often led to believe the manipulations and alterations offered by that world, is somehow the more pleasant alternative to reality. We are constantly fed a false reality that pretends to be perfect, with everything intact, nothing out of place. Furthermore, this threatens what we have naturally – be it our emotions, our ideas or the belief in our own abilities to create things that pertain to our nature – our unique ways of being’’. Eugene Ankomah

The Brainwave series is created with a mix of digital-automatic drawing and digital collaging – with downloaded brain scan images at the centre. Through digital layering and experimental digital brush strokes, Eugene manages to create a sense of real, authentic, spontaneous and unplanned expressions. Cleverly using the very digital format he is questioning as restrictive, Eugene brings back an energy of freedom that returns us to raw, imperfect nature.

The brain scans themselves, taken from the context of their human ‘life’ and put in an image, also have a greater freedom. To the non-medical eye all brains are equal – no race, skin colour, gender or aesthetics are discernible – giving them a freedom beyond that which they could reach in their embodied life in society.

At first glance the Brainwave series art works look like free, abstract expressionist paintings – with the rich colour, brush strokes and depth we know of oil paintings, but as you approach, where you’d expect impasto textures, you’re met with a completely flat digitally produced surface – juxtaposing old and new imaging, creating a FUTURE IMAGE.


This exhibition is co-curated by Dalia Zermon and Paint Jam Lonodon in partnership with the artist Eugene Ankomah.

Exhibition dates: 17th – 19th March 2018     

Exhibition Private view: Sat 17th Mar, 6.30pm – 9.30pm. Pls register here. 

Location: Secret Soho Space – 48 Poland Street, London W1F 7ND


Visit Eugene Ankomah’s website

Contact: www.paintjamlondon.co.uk 

info@paintjamlondon.co.uk  07956 889 634

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