Shhh Hive’s Paint Jam event at Cargo, Shoreditch – art workshop for corporate team building/end of year party

Into it - Paint Jam art workshop & team building  with Hive at Cargo Dec  2014We were delighted to create Hive’s surprise Paint Jam art workshop as their end of year team building event and party. We curated this pop-up art studio event at the fantastic Cargo, Shoreditch – one of our hottest London partner venues. I mean, who else can boast a courtyard with art works by street artists Banksy and Thierry Noir?

A surprise Paint Jam art workshop is always fun to create – this time for the fabulous HIVE marketing team. Hive, the innovative technology start-up within British Gas offer the amazing technology of ‘Active Heating’ – the ability to control your heating remotely from an app.
Like many of our clients, Hive had a morning of business centred training and wanted a creative and fun corporate team building activity for the afternoon – so they chose a surprise art workshop a la Paint Jam!

Paint Jam London creates a unique pop-up art studio  in venues across London, offering art Hive logofor everyone  in art workshops with a party feel – including artist leaders, canvases,paints & art materials + DJ music, drinks and catering options.This time we were at the fantastic Cargo, Shoreditch...

The Paint Jam afternoon began with a Champagne reception in the pop-up art studio/Cargo bar, giving all the chance to soak up the unique arty atmosphere – the paints, easels, canvases and the DJ’s music. The art workshop began with our Paint Jam artist leader (me, Dalia Zermon on this occasion) running the Hive team through some fun, warm up intro drawing & painting exercises on paper - perfect to get people loosened up and in the mood. Next up the Hive team were invited to each paint a canvas  at their easel – this time with an open ‘paint anything’ theme where individual’s could take inspiration from the music/the on-site street art/ their own imagination. As always, our artist leaders & art assistants were there to help and encourage throughout – you can think of us as the Paint Jam Umpa-Lumpa’s (yes ok, I saw ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ last week – OMG SEE!).

Communal art making came next – Hive was invited to paint a communal canvas where all the marketing team got to contribute to one painting – this is always lots of fun! and an interesting way to collaborate and explore team dynamics.

The art workshop was followed by a Paint Jam  canapes and cocktail party in one of Cargo’s private party areas. Once we’d packed up the pop-up art studio for the night, It was great to join Hive for a drink!

We loved working with Hive on their corporate team building event - they created some great individual paintings, expressed creatively, and engaged well when working as a team on the communal canvas.  We sent Hive their paintings a few days after the event, once the paint had dried… they now have 10 paintings to hang up in their office – inspiring for the team, and impressive for clients.

Pamela Brown of Hive said: ‘Thank you to you and your team. We really enjoyed the event. I will be making recommendations to look at a paint jam event next time we have a company conference!’ That way, we can run a paint jam event for everyone. I had such great feedback from the team on our event by the way. Thank you so much for running such a great event for us’.

We look forward to running a large-scale Corporate Paint Jam event for Hive next time. I already have the perfect venue in mind…

In the flow - at Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, Cargo - Dec 2014Communal Canvas at Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, at Cargo Dec 2014Paints! at Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, at cargo Dec 2014Paint Jam art assistant at Hive Paint Jam art workshop at Cargo Dec2014Artist leader & group - at Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, at Cargo - Dec 2014Drawing tool box, at Hive Paint Jam art workshop and team building event, at Cargo Dec 2014Paint pallet - at Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, at Cargo Dec 2014Drinks at the bar - at Hive Paint Jam art workshop, at Cargo Dec 2014DJ at hive Paint Jam art workshop & team building event - at Cargo, Dec 2014Fresh painting in the pop-up art studio, Hive's Paint Jam art workshop & team building event, Dec 2014Art analysis - at Hive Paint Jam art workshop at Cargo Dec 2014street art

Paint Jam London offers bespoke team building/art workshop events and styled parties of any size. We have partner venues across London, or can install the pop-up art studio & event at your venue or office. Book your Paint Jam event here - we’d love to talk to you.

Paint Jam London – art for everyone – the pop-up art studio   07956889634

*PS, art nugget: for those of you that don’t know, Thierry Noir was the first artist to illegally start painting along miles of the Berlin Wall in 1984. Noir had a big retrospective exhibition at Shoreditch’s Howard Griffin Gallery in 2014.*

All photography by Romain Kedochim and Paul Bence, 2014.

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