Our Ali Miller ‘Cut-out memories’ exhibition – at Le Meridien, Piccadilly

We are delighted to present ‘Cut out memories’ is a bold body of art by Ali Miller, curated bylogo

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A melange of the artist’s nostalgic memories of home, culture and identlity – both literally and metaphorically, the artists’ work is always an expression of her life, chapters in her story, through symbolic visual meanderings.

‘Cut-out memories’, a deliberate double entendre, pays tribute to painful as well as fond memories – some of which we’d like to cut-out.

The playfulness of life and reality of our mortality are central themes, showing up in whimsical juxtapositions – laughing figures, skulls and domestic objects – making for surreal scenes.

The materials used in Ali’s arresting cut-out works, are found objects from her family home –  childhood books, her late father’s 60’s & 70’s magazine collections, old encyclopaedias, often set on original William Morris wallpaper pulled from her very childhood walls.

At the heart of Miller’s work is a recuperative, restorative gesture that seeks to reawaken an object’s previous life and transform it into something that has a new life, for a new owner.

Bringing life back to forgotten and discarded household goods, Miller’s artwork is led by an ideology that favours, and an independent practice that honours the possibilities of recycling.  Treating vintage or retro ceramics to her intuitive and skilful reworking, Miller borrows from the past to revitalize hidden gems for future use – creating framed cut-outs, as well as up-cycled vintage crockery, imprinted with her memories.

An Ali Miller inspired afternoon tea will be created especially for the show, and check out our ARTY TEA PARTY events,

in celebration of the amazing tea sets and home ware Ali is so famous for.


The show will run from Tues 8th April – 31st May.

Le Meridien Piccadilly, 21 Piccadilly · London W1J 0BH     – see it!

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