Paint Jam london does art workshops for ‘Platform 2′: Express with Christian Aid.

Platform 2 ExpressI spent two lovely days of this week running art workshops for inspiring 18-25 year olds at ‘Platform 2′s fantastic ‘Express’ camp.

All the people in my group had just returned from 10 weeks away in far-off places such as India, Nepal, Kenya, South Africa and Peru where they lived with a host family and worked in the community.

Their experiences were coulourful and emotional and their stories varied – the one theme they seemed to have in common was learning an appreciation that people need very liitle to be happy and that material wealth is not the road to happiness; it seemed from their stories that in the poorest places, happiness was abundant.

The ‘Express’ camp is a wonderful, fully-funded opportunity for these young people to creatively express their experiences through art, music, creative writing and drama as well as to learn how to continue working in development.

My workshop was full of inspiration and memories fusing with colour and brush strokes, pencil marks and written words, creating paintings, arty political posters and delicate pencil drawings.

It was amazing to watch the enjoyment and catharsis of making an artwork – i was particularly impressed by people who didn’t consider themselves arty really letting go and creating vibrant and poignant pieces and loving the process.

Getting people into their creative flow is all that Paint Jam london is about, so I was glad to see it work yet again.

Watching creative juices flowing is what makes me love running my workshops for people. A few people in the group had spent time in Nepal, where they had picked up pencils and started to draw for the first time ever after being inspired by the art culture that permeates the country. It sounds like a place for me – they must be the original Paint Jammers…

‘Platfrom 2′ and ‘Express’ are both affiliated programmes of Christian Aid and are fully-funded, giving all young people the chance to experience and help in developping countries.

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