Paint Jam London does modern art at the Tate Modern

Tate ModernPaing Jam London is running a ‘Gallery inspired art workshop’ with Radley Yelder, Communications company in Old St.

We are very pleased to be working with Radley Yelder, an innovative and fresh communications company based in Old Street.

We’re going to the Tate modern on Thurs for some art inspiration and will then head on to Westbourne Studios for lunch and a very exciting afternoon workshop where each participant gets to make their own art work!

The wonderful Tate Modern is built in a power station by Giles Gilbert-Smith who also built Battersea power station and the red letter box. In the 1990’s the Tate Britain and government believed we should have a national gallery dedicated to Modern Art (from 1900’s onwards), like the MOMA in New york,  San Fransisco etc. The site was chosen and the gallery opened in 2000. What the day is for…….you to explore the ideas of contemporary art

Creativity and expression is the basis of Paint Jam London…..
Expression is quite a generic word but what makes art so interesting is the way in which it allows humans to depart from a common language and come up with their own and express what they feel to express or draw attention to, with an infinite pool of resources…the world and everything within it.

The Tate Modern is the perfect place to see this reflected as the 20th Century, whilst seeing fast paced changes in technology, industry and environment, has also been a time where art movements have been revolutionary in their approach freeing up creative expression…….

The language that replaced the traditional arts is more metaphorical In the 20th century we have Surrealism and abstract expressionism in painting with the futurists and cubist and geometric painters, in an attempt to show the essence of things and what lies behind the surface or obvious identity….ie cubists painting objects from different angles…… but we also have a total shift out of object and into process  which has been one of the most interesting shifts of art history as it has allowed artists to talk about the way things work and the connection between things….sometimes as an exposure of a given process in life but sometimes as a beautiful and powerful metaphor to express something deeper or common to all.

Whether one visually likes contemporary and installation type art, it has allowed artists to express and engage people from many different angles.

We will be working on canvases in the workshop, creating  a lovely exhibition for the Radley Yelder work place! Participants will be encourages to look around and notice the differences between surrealist, abstract expressionism and the works that are expressing a process or rhythm..

They will note the  themes that resonate with them and do some basic sketches of ideas to use later on. Participants are encourages to make this their time to go around alone as much as possible and really take in all the beautiful ideas and visuals, having time for themselves

They can have an audio guides if they wish but it’s not needed… they can explore and come to their own conclusions.

We are focusing on the two galleries on level 3 ‘Poetry and Dream’ and ‘Material Gesture’ as they focus more on painting and sculpture, as painting is what theyl’ll be doing later…..but shouldthey wish to have a wiz around the other two galleries on level 5 I’d encourage it- they will focus more on process.

Later at Westbourne Studios myslf Dalia Zermon and artist Ali miller will be facilitating a fun and creative workshop with an abundance of materials , music and help on hand  ….they can really be intuitive and do as they like with paint. And materials…
there are some general practical tips I’ll show them and then they’ll get on and create their own beautiful art works……

This isn’t about what people produce but the process of expression….. so everyone should accept they will have fun! release judgement and enjoy!

This will be a brilliant day!

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