Paint Jam London on ‘The Museum of Everything’.

The Museum of Everything is an inspiring organisation dedicated to showcasing the works of outsider artists – people making art outside of the art establishment…..they run exhibitions for all to see these hidden art gems.

We love them! I discovered them in Primrose Hill a couple of years ago but since they have been at the Tate and are this year at Selfridges, where their arrows adorn every floor tile and escalator hand rest. Infact, I was so impressed by their concept and the wonderous works they unveiled for us, that I coined the tag line for Paint Jam – ‘the Studio for everyone’….. whilst The Museum of Everything show the works of outsider artists, we at Paint Jam London are busy getting everyone and anyone to step into their ‘creative side’ and produce their own authentic art works in our ‘studio for everyone’ - we work with community groups to corporate workers, one funding the other. The works are often powerful,  loaded with meaning and always a cathartic process…

Self-taught artists, which really means anyone picking up materials and making art, create with such honesty and no agend and that is the beauty of the works ‘The Museum of Everything’ show. ( See

We salute and support ‘The Museum of Everything’ and are happy to see others on the same art page as us!


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