SPACE – Artist Residency + Immersive Art Exhibition,16th -19th May 2019

At Paint Jam London we have our first artist residency happening – all on the theme of #Space in all it’s expansive & restrictive meanings. The residency  is culminating in an immersive art exhibition of the art works we’re currently making. The residency is happening in a secret disused building in Central London, which we will curate into a hot exhibition space at the end of the residency.

                Exhibition dates: Thurs 16th – Sun 19th May 2019 | Private View: Thurs 16th May, 6.30pm – 9.30pm SIGN UPSpace exhibition flyer - May 2019

ART RESIDENCY: The creation of a temporary art community and making space was of interest to me, Dalia Zermon, as the curator. The space would exist for a restricted time frame with a project focus, all art materials provided, and the flow of energy from each other would unfold. We’re in process currently – and the art works being produced are exciting with mirrored group inspirations organically arising. The studio space itself has also offered a place of creative holding and support for each artist. Many of us London artists, who already know each other from our work with Paint Jam London, either work in more isolated studio settings, or from home studio set-ups, or have lent more heavily on bringing art to others by running workshops (or indeed Paint Jam events) – in order to both earn a London living, and to share a passion of art with others. This residency is our time as artists! Paint Jam London is platforming our very own partner artists in this first art residency and exhibition #SPACE.

THE SPACE THEME: Space was initially inspired by ‘disused spaces’, like the one we’re working in – conjuring up emptiness, abandonment and also the possibilities to fill it in creative ways – a curator’s dream. This juxtaposed with more cosmic ‘space’, an ongoing theme that has inspired me as artist, and all the landscapes of different spaces began to flow – places in the world, innerscapes and emotions, intimate spaces with others, spaces of restriction, as well as those of expanse and possibility, hope and the mystical.

The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, installations, sound art, live art & performance, as well as participatory art, inc an exhibition inspired workshop by artists > Dalia Zermon > Jimmy C > Eugene Ankomah > Annatomix > Lizzie Prentis > Poppy Kay > Rasha El-Sady > Sophie MacDonald > Tom Blyth > Sylvia Maria Saunders > Alex Beck.



 We hope you can make SPACE – an immersive art exhibition. Location: a secret central London space, 16th May – 19th May 2019, 10am – 6pm | Private View Thurs 16th May 6.30pm – 9.30pm SIGN UP for a place & for address – art for everyone | 07956 889 634

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